To explore the possibilities for new applications, in 1994 the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) established the Microbial Genome Program (MGP) as a companion to its Human Genome Program (HGP). From the start, the MGP experienced remarkable success, and microbial genomics has become one of the most exciting and high-profile fields in biology today.

Bacterial Genome
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a pathogenic bacterial species in the family Mycobacteriaceae and the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis

A principal goal of this spin-off project is to determine the complete DNA sequence—the genome—of a number of nonpathogenic microbes that may be useful to DOE in carrying out its missions (nonpathogenic microbes do not cause disease). The microbes chosen for genomic sequencing were selected with broad input from the scientific community. “The microbial diversity of the program is an absolute treasure trove for [research in] biotechnology, ecology, evolution, and bioremediation,” notes David Schlessinger (National Institute on Aging).

Only a few years ago, scientists could not have imagined having full access to the genetic structure of more than a few such organisms. Today, a number of complete microbial genomes, many supported by DOE’s MGP, have been sequenced, and the rate of reported new genome sequences is increasing rapidly. (For a current listing, see the Web site.) These DNA sequences, along with those from many viruses and more complex organisms such as fruit flies, roundworms, and yeast, are freely available in public databases. This information is being used by governmental, academic, medical, and industrial scientists. The number of possible applications of this information is staggering. Sequenced genomes provide us with a genetic “parts” list; the next challenge is to explore how these parts come together to form a functioning organism.

The major focus of the DOE MGP will continue to be on genomic sequencing of microbes relevant to DOE missions. To avoid “starting from scratch” in sequencing new microbes, investigators are developing novel strategies to cost-effectively determine the DNA sequence of microbes that are very closely related to others whose sequence already is known.

Additionally, the MGP is developing new tools to study how groups of genes work together to produce specific products or determine particular behaviors. Other objectives are to mine genomic information from sequenced microbes, improve tools for annotation and analysis of sequence data, develop high-throughput methods for determining gene function and gene expression, and develop methods for examining protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interaction.

The future promises many exciting developments as the fruits of the MGP mature. Already, we have become more appreciative of the extent of the microbial world’s effect on earth, realizing how little we know about this kingdom and wondering at its potential benefits to our world if only we are wise enough to discover them.

The Microbial Genome Program brochure lists current and completed DOE projects (Acrobat pdf file, 400kb, designed for 11″ x 17″ paper, landscape. To print on standard sizes, choose “fit to page, landscape” on the print menu). Visit Maxanim for the Reader software.

GOLD Organism ID

Organism Name


Go0651997 Porifericola rhodea NBRC 107748 BACTEROIDETES
Go0651996 Catalinimonas niigatensis NBRC 109829 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650262 Escherichia coli 1162invT2 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650261 Escherichia coli 1162T7 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650260 Escherichia coli 1162C PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650259 Streptococcus oralis 1648 FIRMICUTES
Go0650258 Aeromonas caviae 71485 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650257 Aeromonas veronii 71506 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650256 Aeromonas veronii 71474 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650255 Aeromonas caviae 71442 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650254 Aeromonas dhakensis 71453 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650253 Aeromonas dhakensis 71431 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650252 Aeromonas hydrophila 71317 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650251 Aeromonas hydrophila 71328 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650250 Aeromonas hydrophila 71339 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650249 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY153 FIRMICUTES
Go0650248 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY141 FIRMICUTES
Go0650247 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY136 FIRMICUTES
Go0650246 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY416 FIRMICUTES
Go0650245 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY383 FIRMICUTES
Go0650244 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY270 FIRMICUTES
Go0650243 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY210 FIRMICUTES
Go0650242 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY764 FIRMICUTES
Go0650241 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY1026 FIRMICUTES
Go0650240 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY1349 FIRMICUTES
Go0650239 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY1312 FIRMICUTES
Go0650238 Streptococcus pyogenes TSPY1309 FIRMICUTES
Go0650237 Xanthomonas arboricola 1314c PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650236 Xanthomonas arboricola 1311a PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650235 Xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina CFBP 6600/K100-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650234 Xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina 301/RIPF X12 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650233 Sphingobacterium sp. E70 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650232 Klebsiella pneumoniae pneumoniae KUH-KPNHVF1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650231 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_97 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650230 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_116 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650229 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_110 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650228 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_107 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650227 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_104 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650226 Shigella flexneri SWHIN_101 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650225 Shigella flexneri SWHEFF_71 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650224 Shigella flexneri SWHEFF_67 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650223 Shigella flexneri SWHEFF_64 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650222 Shigella flexneri SWHEFF_60 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650221 Shigella flexneri SWHEFF_59 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650220 Shigella flexneri STLIN_8 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650219 Shigella flexneri STLIN_6 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650218 Shigella flexneri STLIN_4 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650217 Shigella flexneri STLIN_17 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650216 Shigella flexneri STLIN_12 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650215 Shigella flexneri STLIN_11 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650214 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_38 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650213 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_36 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650212 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_35 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650211 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_34 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650210 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_33 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650209 Shigella flexneri STLEFF_27 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650208 Shigella flexneri STLE4 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650207 Shigella flexneri STLE3 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650206 Shigella flexneri STLE1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650205 Shigella flexneri STIN_92 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650204 Shigella flexneri STIN_87 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650203 Shigella flexneri STIN_80 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650202 Shigella flexneri STEFF_3 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650201 Shigella flexneri STEFF_24 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650200 Shigella flexneri STEFF_22 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650199 Shigella flexneri STEFF_18 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650198 Shigella flexneri STEFF_17 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650197 Shigella flexneri STEFF_16 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650196 Shigella flexneri STEFF_12 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650195 Shigella flexneri STEFF_10 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650194 Shigella dysenteriae SWHEFF_51 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650193 Shigella dysenteriae SWHEFF_49 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650192 Shigella dysenteriae SWHE2 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650191 Raoultella ornithinolytica STEFF_15 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650190 Proteus mirabilis SWHIN_109 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650189 Proteus mirabilis STIN_74 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650188 Klebsiella quasipneumoniae SWHEFF_72 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650187 Klebsiella quasipneumoniae STLEFF_28 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650186 Klebsiella quasipneumoniae STEFF_21 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650185 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHIN_114 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650184 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHIN_108 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650183 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHIN_106 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650182 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHIN_100 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650181 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHEFF_62 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650180 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHE4 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650179 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHE3 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650178 Klebsiella pneumoniae SWHE1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650177 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLIN_7 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650176 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLIN_3 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650175 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLIN_19 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650174 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLIN_14 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650173 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLIN_10 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650172 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLEFF_44 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650171 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLEFF_42 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650170 Klebsiella pneumoniae STLE2 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650169 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_94 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650168 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_93 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650167 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_90 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650166 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_88 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650165 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_84 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650164 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_79 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650163 Klebsiella pneumoniae STIN_77 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650162 Klebsiella pneumoniae STEFF_9 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650161 Klebsiella pneumoniae STEFF_2 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650160 Klebsiella pneumoniae STEFF_19 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650159 Klebsiella pneumoniae STEFF_14 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650158 Escherichia coli SWHEFF_69 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650157 Escherichia coli SWHEFF_68 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650156 Escherichia coli SWHEFF_58 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650155 Escherichia coli STLIN_13 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650154 Escherichia coli STLEFF_47 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650153 Escherichia coli STLEFF_29 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650152 Escherichia coli STIN_95 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650151 Citrobacter portucalensis SWHIN_111 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650150 Lacticaseibacillus paracasei HDS-01 FIRMICUTES
Go0650149 Staphylococcus equorum 82b3 FIRMICUTES
Go0650148 Anoxybacillus sediminis PCH 117 FIRMICUTES
Go0650147 Turicimonas muris A59_51.PE.DSS PROTEOBACTERIA-BETA
Go0650146 Streptococcus oralis A72_64_SM_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650145 Staphylococcus xylosus A8_8.SX.CDM FIRMICUTES
Go0650144 Staphylococcus warneri A42_34_SW_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650143 Staphylococcus pasteuri B46 FIRMICUTES
Go0650142 Staphylococcus nepalensis A69_62.SC.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650141 Staphylococcus nepalensis A62 FIRMICUTES
Go0650140 Staphylococcus epidermidis C74 FIRMICUTES
Go0650139 Proteus mirabilis A4_4.PM.CDM PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650138 Phocaeicola vulgatus A41 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650137 Phocaeicola vulgatus 5.BV.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650136 Parabacteroides goldsteinii A19_11.PG.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650135 Parabacteroides goldsteinii 7.PG.Ymh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650134 Parabacteroides distasonis B45 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650133 Parabacteroides distasonis A56_48.PD.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650132 Parabacteroides distasonis A3_3.PD.CDM BACTEROIDETES
Go0650131 Parabacteroides distasonis 9.PD.Ymh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650130 Muribaculum intestinale B87_12_MI_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0650129 Muribaculum intestinale B87 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650128 Muribaculum intestinale A44_36.BV.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650127 Limosilactobacillus reuteri C31 FIRMICUTES
Go0650126 Limosilactobacillus reuteri A55_47.LR.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650125 Limosilactobacillus reuteri A33_25_LR_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650124 Limosilactobacillus reuteri A12_4.LR.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650123 Limosilactobacillus reuteri 2.LR.Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0650122 Ligilactobacillus murinus C82_3_LM_Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0650121 Ligilactobacillus murinus A9_1.LM.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650120 Ligilactobacillus murinus A54_46.LM.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650119 Ligilactobacillus murinus A51_43.LA.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650118 Ligilactobacillus murinus A32_24.LM.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650117 Ligilactobacillus murinus 6.LM.Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0650116 Lactobacillus johnsonii C11 FIRMICUTES
Go0650115 Lactobacillus johnsonii A53_45.LJ.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650114 Lactobacillus johnsonii A31_23.LJ.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650113 Lactobacillus johnsonii A16_ FIRMICUTES
Go0650112 Lactobacillus intestinalis A52_44.LI.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650111 Lactobacillus intestinalis A49_41_LA_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650110 Lactobacillus intestinalis A48_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650109 Lactobacillus intestinalis A30_22.LI.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650108 Lactobacillus intestinalis 9.LIYmh FIRMICUTES
Go0650107 Klebsiella pneumoniae A5_5.KP.CDM PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650106 Granulicatella adiacens A88_80_GA_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650105 Granulicatella adiacens A88 FIRMICUTES
Go0650104 Faecalibaculum rodentium 11.FR.Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0650103 Escherichia coli Fergi PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650102 Escherichia coli A7_7.EC.CDM PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650101 Escherichia coli A21_13.EC.DSS PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650100 Enterococcus gallinarum A2_2.EF.CDM FIRMICUTES
Go0650099 Enterococcus gallinarum A18_10.EG.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650098 Enterococcus faecalis A15_7.EF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650097 Enterocloster clostridioformis A92_84_CC_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650096 Enterocloster clostridioformis A91 FIRMICUTES
Go0650095 Enterocloster clostridioformis A90 FIRMICUTES
Go0650094 Duncaniella muris B80_5_MI_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0650093 Duncaniella muris A37_29.BV.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650092 Cutibacterium acnes B43 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650091 Cutibacterium acnes A48_3 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650090 Citrobacter rodentium A6_6.CR.CDM PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0650089 Blautia coccoides A97 FIRMICUTES
Go0650088 Blautia coccoides A1_1.BP.CDM FIRMICUTES
Go0650087 Bifidobacterium pseudolongum globosum B74_74_BP_H ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650086 Bifidobacterium pseudolongum globosum B69_69_BP_H ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650085 Bifidobacterium animalis A82_75.BA.DSS ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650084 Bacteroides caecimuris 2.BS95.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650083 Bacteroides acidifaciens C80_1_BA_FMh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650082 Bacteroides acidifaciens C16_1 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650081 Bacteroides acidifaciens C10_2 BACTEROIDETES
Go0650080 Bacteroides acidifaciens B76_1_BA_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0650079 Bacteroides acidifaciens 3.BA.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650078 Bacillus licheniformis C61_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650077 Alistipes timonensis A36_28.AT.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650076 Alistipes timonensis A23_15.AT.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650075 Adlercreutzia caecimuris A39_31_EC_DSS ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650074 Adlercreutzia caecimuris 12.EC.Ymh ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0650073 Acutalibacter muris B37_37_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650072 Streptococcaceae bacterium A73_66.SD.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650071 Oscillospiraceae bacterium C61_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650070 Oscillospiraceae bacterium C50_73_AC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650069 Oscillospiraceae bacterium C18_42_OV_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650068 Oscillospiraceae bacterium C15_39_OV_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650067 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B95_20_FP_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650066 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B83_8_IP_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650065 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B59_59_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650064 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B59 FIRMICUTES
Go0650063 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B41 FIRMICUTES
Go0650062 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B40_40_AC_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650061 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B39_39_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650060 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B39 FIRMICUTES
Go0650059 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B38_38_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650058 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B35_35_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0650057 Oscillospiraceae bacterium B35 FIRMICUTES
Go0650056 Oscillospiraceae bacterium A94_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650055 Oscillospiraceae bacterium A93_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650054 Oscillospiraceae bacterium A86_78_AC_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650053 Oscillospiraceae bacterium A71 FIRMICUTES
Go0650052 Oscillospiraceae bacterium A57_49.OR.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0650051 Oscillospiraceae bacterium 3.CL93.Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0650050 Muribaculaceae bacterium A43_35.BI.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0650049 Muribaculaceae bacterium A17_ BACTEROIDETES
Go0650048 Muribaculaceae bacterium 4.PP85.Ymh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650047 Muribaculaceae bacterium 1.ZR82.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0650046 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C9_3 FIRMICUTES
Go0650045 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C9_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650044 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C9_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650043 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C84_6_DL94_Fmh FIRMICUTES
Go0650042 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C81_3_CH94_Fmh FIRMICUTES
Go0650041 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C77 FIRMICUTES
Go0650040 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C76 FIRMICUTES
Go0650039 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C7 FIRMICUTES
Go0650038 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C68 FIRMICUTES
Go0650037 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C66_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650036 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C66_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650035 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C64_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650034 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C63_86_CO_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650033 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C6_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650032 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C6_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650031 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C59_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650030 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C58_81_CF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650029 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C57_80_CC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650028 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C55_78_CS_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650027 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C54_77_CS_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650026 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C53_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650025 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C52_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650024 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C51_74_MI_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650023 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C49_72_CC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650022 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C46_69_RG_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650021 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C44_67_MI_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650020 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C4 FIRMICUTES
Go0650019 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C39_62_CA_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650018 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C33_56_CF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650017 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C25_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650016 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C25_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650015 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C23_47_RG_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650014 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C21_45_ER_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650013 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C19_43_RF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650012 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C16_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650011 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C14 FIRMICUTES
Go0650010 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C13_37_MF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650009 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C12 FIRMICUTES
Go0650008 Lachnospiraceae bacterium C1_25_ER_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650007 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B99_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0650006 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B99_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0650005 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B94_19_ER_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650004 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B93_18_CF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650003 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B85_10_CF_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650002 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B84_9_MI_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650001 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B81_6_ET_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0650000 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B79_4_CH_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649999 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B78_3_AM_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649998 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B78_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649997 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B78_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649996 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B77_2_ET_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649995 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B68 FIRMICUTES
Go0649994 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B67_67_LP_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649993 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B66_66_CF_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649992 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B66_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649991 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B63_63_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649990 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B63 FIRMICUTES
Go0649989 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B58_58_RH_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649988 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B57_57_RB_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649987 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B56_56_CC_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649986 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B56 FIRMICUTES
Go0649985 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B55_55_CC_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649984 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B55_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649983 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B54_54_AM_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649982 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B54 FIRMICUTES
Go0649981 Lachnospiraceae bacterium B50_50_CF_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649980 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A96_90.MI.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649979 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A93_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649978 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A87_81.CI.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649977 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A85_79.ET.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649976 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A84 FIRMICUTES
Go0649975 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A83_75_AC_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649974 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A80_95_CC_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649973 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A78_94_CS_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649972 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A77_70.CF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649971 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A75_68.CO.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649970 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A65_57.ET.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649969 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A63_55.RG.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649968 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A50_42.MF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649967 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A34_26.MF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649966 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A26_18.CF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649965 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A24_16.AM.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649964 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A14_6.AC.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649963 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A13_5.CF.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649962 Lachnospiraceae bacterium A11_3.ET.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649961 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 7.RG95.Ymh FIRMICUTES
Go0649960 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 5.CH93.Fmh FIRMICUTES
Go0649959 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 4.RL94.Fmh FIRMICUTES
Go0649958 Lachnospiraceae bacterium 4.CH94.Fmh FIRMICUTES
Go0649957 Flavobacteriales bacterium C53_2 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649956 Flavobacteriales bacterium A48_1 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649955 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C73_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649954 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C60_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649953 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C45_68_EP_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649952 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C26 FIRMICUTES
Go0649951 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C24 FIRMICUTES
Go0649950 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C22_46_EX_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649949 Eubacteriaceae bacterium C17_41_AC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649948 Eubacteriaceae bacterium B88_13_EV_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649947 Eubacteriaceae bacterium B51_51_EX_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649946 Eubacteriaceae bacterium B36_36_MI_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649945 Eubacteriaceae bacterium A64_56.EX.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649944 Eubacteriaceae bacterium A45_37.CH.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649943 Eubacteriaceae bacterium A29_21.EX.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649942 Eubacteriaceae bacterium A22_14.EX.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649941 Erysipelotrichales bacterium C59_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649940 Erysipelotrichales bacterium B98_23_ET_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649939 Erysipelotrichales bacterium A81 FIRMICUTES
Go0649938 Eggerthellaceae bacterium C83_5_AE97_Ymh ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649937 Eggerthellaceae bacterium C8_2 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649936 Eggerthellaceae bacterium C8_1 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649935 Eggerthellaceae bacterium B82_7_EM_BP ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649934 Eggerthellaceae bacterium A74_66_EM_DSS ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649933 Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium A70_62_DF_DSS PROTEOBACTERIA-DELTA
Go0649932 Coriobacteriales bacterium A47_39.EM.DSS ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649931 Coriobacteriaceae bacterium C85_8_PC_Ymh ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649930 Coriobacteriaceae bacterium B6_2 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649929 Coriobacteriaceae bacterium B6_1 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649928 Coriobacteriaceae bacterium 8.PC.Ymh ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649927 Clostridiaceae bacterium C70 FIRMICUTES
Go0649926 Clostridiaceae bacterium C67 FIRMICUTES
Go0649925 Clostridiaceae bacterium C65_88_CS_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649924 Clostridiaceae bacterium C52_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649923 Clostridiaceae bacterium C48_71_CS_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649922 Clostridiaceae bacterium B86_11_DG_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649921 Clostridiaceae bacterium B60 FIRMICUTES
Go0649920 Clostridiaceae bacterium A68_60.CX.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649919 Clostridia bacterium C71_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649918 Clostridia bacterium C71_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649917 Clostridia bacterium C62_85_CA_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649916 Clostridia bacterium C60_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649915 Clostridia bacterium C56_79_FC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649914 Clostridia bacterium C56 FIRMICUTES
Go0649913 Clostridia bacterium C52_75_FC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649912 Clostridia bacterium C2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649911 Clostridia bacterium B91_16_CH_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649910 Clostridia bacterium B90_2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649909 Clostridia bacterium B90_15_FC_BP FIRMICUTES
Go0649908 Clostridia bacterium B90_1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649907 Clostridia bacterium B62_62_CS_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649906 Clostridia bacterium B52_52_BC_H FIRMICUTES
Go0649905 Clostridia bacterium A99_91_CP_DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649904 Clostridia bacterium A67_59.EI.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649903 Clostridia bacterium A66_58.RP.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649902 Clostridia bacterium A58_50.ES.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649901 Clostridia bacterium A46_38.BP.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649900 Clostridia bacterium A28_20.ES.DSS FIRMICUTES
Go0649899 Burkholderiaceae bacterium A35_27.PE.DSS PROTEOBACTERIA-BETA
Go0649898 Bacteroidales bacterium C43 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649897 Bacteroidales bacterium C42 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649896 Bacteroidales bacterium C37_60_AM_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0649895 Bacteroidales bacterium C36_59_MI_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0649894 Bacteroidales bacterium C35 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649893 Bacteroidales bacterium C34_57_MI_BP BACTEROIDETES
Go0649892 Bacteroidales bacterium A89_83.MI.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649891 Bacteroidales bacterium A61_54.AF.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649890 Bacteroidales bacterium A60_52.BV.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649889 Bacteroidales bacterium A40_32.BU.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649888 Bacteroidales bacterium A38_30.BA.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649887 Bacteroidales bacterium A10_2.BA.DSS BACTEROIDETES
Go0649886 Bacteroidales bacterium 9.CA88.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0649885 Bacteroidales bacterium 5.BR97.Fmh BACTEROIDETES
Go0649884 Bacteroidales bacterium 10.BV86.Ymh BACTEROIDETES
Go0649883 Atopobiaceae bacterium C86_11_OU94_Ymh ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649882 Atopobiaceae bacterium C75 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649881 Atopobiaceae bacterium A76_68_OU_DSS ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649880 Mannheimia haemolytica 0768 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649879 Mannheimia haemolytica 0760 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649878 Mannheimia haemolytica 0746 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649877 Mannheimia haemolytica 0745 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649876 Mannheimia haemolytica 0729 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649875 Mannheimia haemolytica 0728 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649874 Mannheimia haemolytica 0727 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649873 Mannheimia haemolytica 0722 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649872 Mannheimia haemolytica 0597 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649871 Pantoea ananatis TZ39 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649870 Akkermansia muciniphila EB-AMDK-39 VERRUCOMICROBIA
Go0649869 Klebsiella pneumoniae CRKP66R PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649868 Lysobacter sp. 5GHs7-4 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649867 Salmonella enterica enterica sv. Worthington 7102.58 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649866 Salmonella enterica enterica sv. Worthington 7101.67 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649865 Ameyamaea chiangmaiensis TBRC 6 PROTEOBACTERIA-ALPHA
Go0649864 Pseudomonas aeruginosa P9W PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649863 Pseudomonas aeruginosa P8W PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649862 Microbacterium sp. E22 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649861 Chitinophaga sp. E66 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649860 Pseudomonas weihenstephanensis TMW2.2077 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649859 Pseudomonas weihenstephanensis TMW2.1728 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649858 Pseudomonas lundensis TMW2.2076 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649857 Pseudomonas fragi TMW2.2082 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649856 Pseudomonas fragi TMW2.2081 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649855 Brevibacillus composti FJAT-54424 FIRMICUTES
Go0649854 Lactiplantibacillus plantarum ZDY2013 FIRMICUTES
Go0649853 Klebsiella pneumoniae KP1677 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649852 Klebsiella pneumoniae KP1692 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649851 Lactococcus lactis lactis DRC3 FIRMICUTES
Go0649850 Nocardioides sp. JXJ CY 38 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649849 Stenotrophomonas geniculata E119 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649848 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia PSKL2 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649847 Vibrio campbellii IFL1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649846 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-058y FIRMICUTES
Go0649845 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-056 FIRMICUTES
Go0649844 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-050 FIRMICUTES
Go0649843 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-045 FIRMICUTES
Go0649842 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-042y FIRMICUTES
Go0649841 Staphylococcus saprophyticus UTI-035 FIRMICUTES
Go0649840 Stenotrophomonas sp. Q16 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649839 Lactobacillus iners C0322A1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649838 Lactobacillus iners C0254C1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649837 Lactobacillus iners C0210C1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649836 Lactobacillus iners C0094A1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649835 Lactobacillus iners C0059G1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649834 Lactobacillus iners C0011D1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649833 Pseudomonas aeruginosa ZBX-P11 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649832 Pseudomonas aeruginosa ZBX-P13 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649831 Pseudomonas aeruginosa ZBX-P23 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649830 Mycobacterium shottsii M175 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649829 Chlamydia buteonis SWA CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649828 Chryseobacterium sp. E1 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649827 Lactiplantibacillus plantarum MSD1 FIRMICUTES
Go0649826 Chlamydia trachomatis L2/Hefty/ct404::Tn CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649825 Chlamydia trachomatis L2/Hefty/ct732::Tn CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649824 Chlamydia trachomatis L2/Hefty/ct590::Tn CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649823 Chlamydia trachomatis L2/Hefty/ct350::Tn CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649822 Chlamydia trachomatis L2/Hefty/ct054::Tn CHLAMYDIAE
Go0649821 Serratia marcescens MV-u1-SK1-O PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649820 Klebsiella pneumoniae MV-v4-SK2-O PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649819 Klebsiella pneumoniae MV-u1-SK2-O PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649818 Pseudomonas sp. UL073 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649817 Bacillus shivajii JCM 32183 FIRMICUTES
Go0649816 Escherichia coli KC-Dl-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649815 Photobacterium damselae damselae KC-Dl-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649814 Pseudomonas aeruginosa KC-Tt-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649813 Parasphingorhabdus flavimaris SW-151 PROTEOBACTERIA-ALPHA
Go0649811 Salmonella enterica SZL 38 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649810 Salmonella enterica SZL 31 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649809 Salmonella enterica SZL 30 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649808 Nocardioides sp. cx-173 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649807 Pasteurella multocida PM-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649806 Escherichia coli AL.H8 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649805 Enterococcus faecium 4995/20 FIRMICUTES
Go0649804 Aegicerativicinus sediminis SM2-F BACTEROIDETES
Go0649803 Acinetobacter indicus WMB-7 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649802 Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola YN01 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649801 Serratia marcescens Byron PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649800 Proteus mirabilis PM1162 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649799 Rhodanobacter glycinis T01E-68 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649798 Alicyclobacillaceae bacterium MYW30-H2 FIRMICUTES
Go0649797 Citrobacter amalonaticus C3H PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649796 Chryseobacterium sp. DH-B6 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649795 Klebsiella pneumoniae NRZ-33224 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649794 Serratia marcescens SMNSF-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649793 Klebsiella oxytoca KONSF-1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649792 Aeromonas caviae 1607-10029 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649791 Flavobacterium sp. CS20 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649790 Vibrio fluvialis A8 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649789 Shewanella xiamenensis CQ-Y1 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649788 Enterococcus faecium VBO96 FIRMICUTES
Go0649787 Enterococcus faecium VBR48 FIRMICUTES
Go0649786 Enterococcus faecium VBO39 FIRMICUTES
Go0649785 Mucilaginibacter sp. SMC90 BACTEROIDETES
Go0649784 Bacillus subtilis YPS-32 FIRMICUTES
Go0649783 Agromyces sp. CFWR-12 ACTINOBACTERIA
Go0649782 Pseudomonas putida SY153 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649781 Escherichia coli RM8082 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649780 Escherichia coli RM10740 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649779 Raoultella sp. HC6 PROTEOBACTERIA-GAMMA
Go0649778 Hongsoonwoonella zoysiae SY4-7 PROTEOBACTERIA-ALPHA
Go0649777 Helicobacter pylori UBN18 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649776 Helicobacter pylori NP05-124 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649775 Helicobacter pylori Hk840 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649774 Helicobacter pylori Hk721 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649773 Helicobacter pylori Hk711 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649772 Helicobacter pylori CO1768 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649771 Helicobacter pylori CO1766 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649770 Helicobacter pylori CO1681 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649769 Helicobacter pylori BT302 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649768 Helicobacter pylori AL05 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649767 Helicobacter pylori AL04 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649766 Helicobacter pylori AL03 PROTEOBACTERIA-EPSILON
Go0649765 Clostridium botulinum Stockholm FIRMICUTES
Go0649764 Clostridium botulinum 3859/11 FIRMICUTES